Updated: Sep 24, 2018

When bride-to-be Emily mentioned Miami as a possible destination for her bachelorette party her two maid of honors couldn't resist having a little fun merging the two names to "MiEmi." Bold colors and geometric shapes gave the design the retro-classic feel the bridesmaids were going for, all the while getting guests excited for a colorful, fun time on iconic South Beach.

Email Invitation

When planning a destination event, one challenge is knowing how many guests are attending before sending the official invitation so that you can make appropriate lodging and travel arrangements, and give an accurate cost for guests. About 6 months before the actual event, we sent a pre-invite via email. Guests got a sneak peak of the upcoming event, while the planners got a head count of who could attend.

"Rebecca went beyond designing the invitations, and also helped us make communication with all the guests clear and efficient." - Maid of Honor

"All the details, right down to the matching tank tops, made our bride feel extra celebrated and special, which was the goal of the trip!" - Maid of Honor